- Ph.D student in MAC Lab., KAIST

- Self-taught jazz/rock keyboard player

- Software engineer

- Hardware designer

I am a passionate hardware designer, software and firmware developer, and data analyst
with a strong drive for innovation and creativity. Over the past 10 years,
I have actively participated in various projects, including research during my master's and doctoral studies.
These experiences have honed my skills and expertise in production automation and data analysis.

I was the lead programmer of [Samhyunyukgak(三絃六角/삼현육각)],
a set of virtual Gugak(Korean traditional music) instruments has been made for three years.
During this period, I noticed the need for Gugak theory research for more natural synthesis results.
Through the analysis of Gugak recordings,
I'm trying to contribute to the study of Korean traditional music theory which has not yet been established.

C.V. English 한국어




Research Projects

(2019/02/08) PPM Sampler Demo Released